About Court Community Service

Court Community Service (CCS) is…

a not-for-profit agency that arranges community service work for adult offenders referred from the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, Cleveland and other local municipal courts, as well as the U.S. District Court and the County Prosecutor’s Pre-Trial Felony Diversion Program.
The mission of Court Community Service is to design and manage an efficient system of quality alternative sentencing options responsive to the needs of the courts and the community.

The Program Offers Several Benefits…

A judge may choose to place an offender in this community service program. Regardless of past training or education, offenders are assigned tasks working under close supervision. Court referrals comprise a wide spectrum of men and women of all ages, talents, and job capabilities. Some have no skill sets and have never held a steady job, while others may have senior management and academic experiences. Some may be physically or age-disabled. And still others may possess special craft abilities as cabinet-makers, electricians, or computer programmers.

CCS evaluates and matches, to the extent possible, each referral to the needs of a wide range of agencies. Once the offender is assigned, CCS provides the judges with in-depth monitoring and documentation. Its centralized data system tracks the referrals’ activities while detailing number of hours worked, variations in performance, and other pertinent information for the judges’ review.

Community Benefits…

Referrals are placed in more than 300 not-for-profit and government agencies available throughout the county, including housing programs, hunger centers, churches, thrift stores, and social service organizations. Their diverse community service activities range from litter collection, landscaping, maintenance, painting, and clerical tasks to professional activities such as tutoring and data entry.

Expanded Agency Services. Utilizing CCS referrals, local agencies can provide expanded resources to their constituencies. Over the years CCS has established many long-term working relationships with local user agencies. These referrals have returned millions of hours in restitution to our community.

Improved Work Attitudes. This service experience allows referrals the opportunity to modify work behavior and, possibly, better their life styles. Although positive changes vary widely within this offender population, the CCS program has sometimes resulted in striking improvements in an offender’s outlook and subsequent job performance.

Continued Service…

As judges develop increasing confidence in the CCS sentencing alternative, the demand for its service continues to grow. With its extensive data system and dedicated staff, CCS has the capacity and capability to process many more referrals.

Cuyahoga County Benefits…

A program of the Cuyahoga County Courts greatly benefits our community. Judges have the option to sentence offenders of minor felonies, traffic violations, and less serious crimes to repay society by serving the community. Since 1985, more than 400 not-for-profit and government agencies in Greater Cleveland have obtained millions of uncompensated person-hours to enhance their range of service activities.

Court Community Service (CCS) functions as the administrative arm of this program. It has only one mission: to implement the Cuyahoga County judicial directives for referrals with complete management, placement, and follow-through responsibility.

CCS referrals have contributed millions of hours to community-based non-profit agencies. CCS counselors place many clients in churches, housing programs, hunger centers, thrift stores, and social service organizations. The work activities they perform range from litter collection, landscaping, maintenance, painting, and clerical chores to professional tasks, such as skilled trades and tutoring.

Court Community Service referrals have contributed millions of hours to community-based, not-for-profit agencies.